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Black Water Barrels Opportunity

Victory Spirits Development is now helping Black Water Barrels to structure this new program.  If you are a buyer of barrels, with an interest in being part of an ownership group, Please contact them about your interest, or to request more information.


Black Water Barrels is transforming the craft of barrel making with precision and efficiency through investments in state of the art equipment, industry-leading staff training and commitment to quality and innovation in our products.



We’re committed to setting higher standards in manufacturing, testing and training to ensure we meet the needs of all customers, from top producers to local craft distilleries and breweries.


The introduction of Stavers™ in new American and French Oak as a method of accelerating aging and improving results by enhancing color and control of flavor profiles,  is another way we are going beyond the barrel to help our customers profitably achieve quality and success.

One Free Barrel Per 25 Ordered

What’s New

These are very exciting times in the spirits industry. There is so much happening at the local craft level with new product development, creative flavor profiles and single barrel promotions all while peddling and promoting as fast as they can to achieve...

Our Story

Black Water Barrels, LLC may have broken ground in Spring 2016, but the idea of the Company has been brewing for years. The idea of building a cooperage came from one of our founders, Greg Pierce, who realized through his 25 years of industry experience, that there was a growing significant need for additional oak barrels in the spirits industry.

Our Name

The Edisto is a blackwater river system in South Carolina that runs just past our town. The water has a dark tea color because the water is stained by chemicals known as tannins which are leached from the tree leaves and other plant material which decays in the surrounding swamps.  Seems fitting for a state-of-the-art cooperage, don’t you think?

Our Team

Our team is home-grown and growing.  We’re expanding, adding additional shifts and always looking for motivated, dedicated and experienced wood workers, drivers and machinists.

Our Community

As a proud South Carolina locally-owned business that owns its own wood sources throughout the region, we are creating jobs, building value and serving community for the greater good of all stakeholders, customers, employees, owners, investors and neighbors.

Some of Our Customers

How can we help you craft an exceptional aged spirit, craft beer or oaked wine?

Contact Greg Pierce directly at 803-465-3865 or contact the BWB Team using this form:

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