Black Water Barrels is proud to have earned the opportunity to exclusively offer customers throughout the United States quality french oak products made by the esteemed France Chene craftsman in Artiguelouve, France.

Their Oak is harvested from French forests in Allier,
Central France and Vosges.

Since 1922, their craftsmen have worked to prefect their processes to manufacture the best quality staves that winemakers use to control wooden aromas in their aging of red and white wines.

Their French Oak Chips and Stave Fan packs are now available to order within our Stavers™ Oak Aging insert products for tank and barrel use.

French forests, and their highly acclaimed ancient oak trees, provide the exceptional raw material that French woodsmen strictly sort according to their grain, their density and their timber thread.  Only the best are sent to the craftsman at France Chene to make the French Oak products that we provide. 

Winemakers have long favored the use of French Oak in their aging process.

To help those looking to bring accelerated aging to beer and spirits, as well as wine, we encourage experimentation.


French Oak Flavors

Here are the flavor profiles for French oak fermentation and aging of wine :

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